Everyone is the sum of their own experiences. But isn't it really more than that. Aren't we also the sum of our perceptions about our experiences together with our imagination and creativity?
I have started as many of us do with various experiences that include production and manufacturing, assembly line work, quality control, inventory, management of high volume service stations, and marketing. But my most valuable experiences came from working with a door to door encyclopedia sales company. Talk about learning to quickly develop rapport and endearing yourself to people! If you didn't want to spend the entire evening and night out "bouncing" off of doors you had to learn about people.
I ran offices for the company across the south and southwest for almost eight years. Believe me, I did not "bounce" off of doors for those many years. What I did do though, was learn to love people! All people, of all types. From Ashtabula, Ohio through Muskogee, Oklahoma, into Texas and California. I came to a realization that most people have a really good heart. I still carry that lesson with me today.
After those years, I helped build multi-million dollar companies, managed commercial and medical staffing offices, dental offices, and learned an awful lot about "Corporate America". I have been responsible for budgets, accounts payables and accounts receivables, and devising the entire business plan. I have ran offices where properly having your nurses and medical staff credentialed and having all the "t's" crossed and "i's" dotted meant whether you passed your Joint Commission Audit - or not!
All of these experiences give me the background to consult with you in so many different areas. My background includes hospice, home health care, home care, audiology and more. My many years of eldercare experience in the Phoenix and Tucson Valley have built a network of trusted referral sources and an impeccable reputation.
But everything I do is about the person - about that older adult or vulnerable person who has so many struggles. Who has to swallow their pride to ask for rides to the doctor or lawyer appointments. And most often who decides that they will just do without the needed care instead. Or they spend over a hundred dollars to go in a medical transport to a doctor's appointment that takes them all day and makes them weaker than they were when they left home!
Desired Resources believes that everyone has a right to care that they need, regardless of their ability to get it on their own. Perhaps they have mobility challenges or they are unable to care for themselves. Or maybe they are caregivers that neglect themselves because they are so busy caring for others. Consider me the "Resource Specialist" for senior services - especially for services delivered on site!
Now you have read what I am all about. If you have a valuable service that fits into my philosophy and needs exposure, I'm your man. If you have a resident, client, patient, or loved one that can benefit from these services, give them a call. I look for creative solutions for the benefit of the community and those in it!
Thank you for letting me help! 




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