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Mobile Services for Seniors and others....



"There are few things as precious as your vision and yet there are few things that are so neglected as your eye care."


Transporting residents to exams at various off site offices requires valuable time, planning, and staff, not to mention financial resources. The older senior population has more difficulty getting to appointments and they experience more changes in their vision.


Now you can have eye care brought to you! Full optometry service using state-of-the-art portable testing equipment allows achieving excellent results – even in patients unable to provide feedback. The staff has been specifically educated and clinically trained to provide comprehensive medical eye care as well as a variety of vision services to patients wherever they reside.


Assessments are provided to detect and treat eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy, as well as many other ocular manifestations.


Complete glasses packages are available at a variety of price options. All glasses come with a one year warranty as well as U.V. and Scratch Coating protection. Delivery and fitting of glasses are completely free of charge.


Many insurance plans are accepted including Medicare, Medicaid, CareMore, Secure Horizons, Pacificare, Health Net, and many more. All services are provided on site!

Eyes on Site a call - 480-626-8925



Podiatrists are all about feet but they can do a lot more for you than you think. A common misconception is that podiatrists cut toenails. Period. While that service is within their range of skills, they can do so much more.


If you think about it, your feet experience the consequences of everything else that’s going wrong in your body. Fixing your feet may alleviate anything from knee pain to lower back problems. There are several diseases that have an impact on the feet. Podiatrists monitor these diseases, implement interventions to prevent them from worsening and treat the consequences.


Above all, podiatrists play a vital role in the management of diabetes. In short, podiatrists are highly trained specialists that provide medical and surgical care for people suffering from foot, ankle, and lower leg problems. They diagnose illnesses, treat injuries, and perform surgeries.


Podiatrists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Conditions can range from bunions and heel spurs to congenital abnormalities and ankle and foot injuries.


Diagnosing and treating foot ailments related to diabetes, arthritis and other illnesses. Compassionate care for seniors and others with mobility challenges.


Medicare and many more plans accepted!

Considerations will include area and insurance. Try:

IHMS 480-718-5400

Desert Vista Podiatry 480-607-3800

Arizona Foot and Ankle 480-699-8762

OneSource 888-495-4489


Elder Law:

We know that life brings constant transitioning. If you are one of the few that have prepared for everything life is going to throw at you - congratulations! Most of us have the best intentions but changing medical conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances, have forced us to prioritize our needs. And when it comes to legal planning, we are still caught unprepared.


Providing an attorney in your home will allow you to have your legal questions answered, existing documents reviewed and updated, and new documents prepared without having to travel to and from an office. Affordable and convenient. Call for pricing, arranging consultations, and for more information!


Last Will and Testament, Health Care Power of Attorney, Durable or Financial Power of Attorney, Medicaid/ALTCS Planning, Revocable Trust, Living Will, Pet Trust, Elder Abuse



The Forakis Law Firm 602-254-2000



Diagnostic ultrasound services at the patient's bedside whether in a community setting or private home. Using cutting edge technology, we provide fast service for home bound patients, and residents living in assisted living and nursing homes.

Echocardiogram / Arterial Doppler / Venous Doppler / Carotid Doppler / Abdomen / Small parts / 12 - Led EKG


Pacific Mobile Diagnostics 602-249-4790

Quality Medical Imaging 602-795-4865



Technology - It's the only way to describe the work flow of digital radiology! These radical technology advances allow the Technologist to take x-ray images at your home or community and transfer them directly to the radiologist through the cloud. Gone are the days of a wet read - signed radiologists reports can be online and faxed to you within minutes of the procedure being performed. 


Chest / Rib / Abdominal KUB / Cervical Spine / Thoracic Spine / Lumbar Spine / Sacrum Coccyx / Pelvis / Skull Series / Facial Bones / Orbit Views / Sinus Series / Nasal Bones / Clavicle / Shoulder / Humerus / Elbow / Forearm / Wrist / Hand / Fingers / Hip / Femur / Knee / Tibia & Fibula / Ankle / Calcaneus / Foot / Toes


Pacific Mobile Diagnostics 602-249-4790

Quality Medical Imaging 602-795-4865



Mobile Chiropractics of Arizona PC

(specialized soft tissue techniques)  480-298-6148



Arizona Massage & Healing 602-367-2167

Mobile Massage Therapy 480-639-8573

Sandra Winters 602-404-8314

Creelys Healing Touch Massage 480-388-5631

Kneed For Balance 602-617-9737

The Massage Mobile 602-627-7243

Fluid Factor 623-223-1277

(Certified Lymphedema Therapy, Oncology Massage Therapy, Licensed Massage Therapy)


​​​Bone Density Tests:

Arizona Portable Imaging - 602-241-9729


Palliative Vent Weans

and more....................................


If you need a service, or if you have a service that can be delivered to the person who needs it - maybe it could be one of the Desired Resources 

Hearing Aids:


“When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem.”


Providing air and bone conduction testing, hearing aid evaluations, ear mold impressions, hearing aid cleanings, hearing aid battery checks, hearing aid repairs, and hearing aid re-programming, free cleaning and maintenance.


Specialists provide honest and compassionate care with the knowledge and experience to find the client a hearing solution regardless of budget - while still utilizing the newest technology!


Mobile Services Provided:

Air and bone conduction testing

Hearing aid evaluations

Ear mold impressions

Hearing aid cleanings

Hearing aid battery checks

Hearing aids repairs

Hearing aids re-programming


Insurance plans accepted include Mercy Care Advantage, AARP, BCBS Federal, United Healthcare, Secure Horizons, Caremore Touch, and more!

Ascent Audiology 602-863-4203



Caregivers are not trained on how to provide daily oral care and it is very unlikely that the residents' teeth are getting brushed at all. Most long-term care home residents, who have teeth, also have gum disease and have not been to a dentist in 5-10 years.  An incomplete list of risks from abscesses include tooth loss, jaw bone damage, sinus problems, brain abscess, heart damage, hospitalization, coma, and even death.


Comprehensive oral care can be delivered to the patient through the use of portable equipment with the ability to provide services at the bedside. These services are ideal for the seniors and others with mobility challenges. 


Full Comprehensive Services:

Dental Hygiene Cleanings


Periodontal (Gum) Treatment


Comprehensive Examinations

Root Canal Therapy

Crowns & Bridges

Dentures and Partials (Including relines and repairs – some onsite) Whitening and Cosmetics

On Site Emergency Care



Most PPO plans are accepted and filed for the patient. Since there are literally hundreds of policies, the best way to explain insurances is that if they have a choice of what dentist to see we can probably find a provider who takes it. We do not know the exact benefits unless the plan information is provided to us. The dentists' office will go over the benefits and estimated cost when they call the resident/POA. For those private pay patients, out of pocket costs are 25% - 40% or lower than most other providers. A few providers take the ALTCS Plans. Some offices offer financing options!



Salon Services

Quality of life is not just about how you feel, but also how you feel about your looks! When an individual feels good about themselves and their appearance, it has a tremendous effect on their social interactions. And, of course, good hygiene is healthier and more likely to encourage others to be around you.


Licensed Cosmetologist, Nail Technician, and Certified Colorist will provide the highest quality and professional care to residents in their own homes as well as Retirement, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Communities. Highly experienced with over 35 years providing care for special needs clients.


Women and Men's Haircuts, Shampoo & Sets, Color Treatments, Permanents, Manicures and Pedicures - all provided on site! Affordable too!


Tender Loving Salon Services 602-741-8233



Non Medical Home Care:


We pride ourselves on hiring people for their compassion, patience and flexibility.  But we know this is not all that it takes to provide you with the best care possible.  They also need excellent training and expertise in the field of caregiving.  

When you’re choosing a care provider for a loved one, one thing makes all the difference:  a caring & well trained staff.  Our unique training extends to the heart as well as the mind.


Always carefully screened, bonded and insured, our caregivers are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of seniors and the chronically disabled.  We are available from 1-24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  • Non-Medical Home Care Services:  Personal Care, homemaking, companionship, errands, medication reminders & respite care.

  • Chronic Disease Education and Coaching:  Offering education and coaching on chronic disease self-care and management for: CHF, COPD, HTN, Diabetes and more…

  • Medication Management: Mediset set-up by a nurse

  • Offering education, resource, guidance and support to families of seniors and those with chronic health problems. 


Incontinence/Medical Supplies

Our goal is to provide quality products for people in need, so they may live life to its fullest – with dignity and comfort. Our incontinence products quickly absorb and retain large volumes of urine to prevent leakage. They neutralize the PH in the urine to control bacterial growth, prevent skin breakdown, and eliminate odor to improve the quality of your life.


We provide a complimentary, one on one consultation in the privacy of your home; where we can comfortably talk about your challenges and help you find a solution. We leave you with free samples, and follow up to make sure your needs are met. Phone consultations are also available with our friendly consultants.


Our main focus is on incontinence products but we carry a full range of Medical Supplies. We have cleansing wipes, bedding, gait belts, bibs, gowns, gloves, masks, skin care, chair cushions, shower benches and much more!


Quick and discreet Delivery of Incontinence and Medical Supplies. All orders arrive in a plain brown box.


Orders placed before 2:00 pm Monday - Thursday are delivered the next day. Friday orders placed before 2:00 pm will arrive on Monday.


FREE DELIVERY in Arizona on purchases of $50.00 or more

ComfortPlus Online 480-545-8055


Skin Cancer:

CareToU 480-202-3914

(non-surgical treatment for basal cell skin cancer)



David Dubner 610-513-9467

Phoenix Mobile Notary 602-291-9724

Moore Signings 480-277-1479

Diana Stagg 480-862-3776

Connie Devine 602-881-4776

Sheila Shepherd 602-670-5375

Marge Naidoo 480-332-2967