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Hearing connects you to your loved ones and your social world. It allows you to join in the fun of an evening with friends in a restaurant, share an intimate conversation or be at the center of the excitement of a movie or game. It’s no wonder that people with hearing loss often feel isolated and left out. But getting help can bring the joy of connection back into your life.

“When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem.”

Thousands of people of all ages wear hearing aids. They help us to hear and stay tuned in to life. It is difficult to make up our minds to get help when we suspect we are losing our hearing. On average it takes people seven years from the time they think they might have a hearing loss to the time they seek treatment. Many of us wait too long and become dependent on spouses or strain our relationships by constantly asking for sentences to be repeated or by arguing over how loud we turn up the TV.

It is easy to be confused about hearing loss – and whether or not you need help. Don’t be embarrassed to talk openly about not being able to hear. Did you know that……..

  • Hearing loss is a major public health issue that ranks third in line after arthritis and heart disease as one of the most common physical condition

  • 36 million people in the United States have a hearing loss

  • At age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss

  • It is estimated that 30 school children per 1,000 have hearing loss


  • Cutting out activities that you used to love but have become painful because you cannot join in fully anymore

  • Bluffing when out with friend in noisy restaurants

  • Being afraid to reveal your hearing loss for fear of others seeing you as less competent

  • Being cut off from the joy of young children because you cannot hear their high-pitched voices

  • Making family holidays a strain because so many people are talking at once

These are common reactions and can lead to withdrawal from social interaction, anxiety, loss of self-esteem and even depression.

But there is help available.

Wade Hendrickson, BC-HIS, has earned the distinction of Hearing Instrument Specialist and has over 10 years of experience dispensing hearing aids. He has earned his B.S. in Biology from the Arizona State University and is Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Wade’s philosophy is to find a way to help people of all income ranges, and to provide quality care to his customers.

Services are provided in the comfort of your home or office. Most insurance plans are accepted and include a comprehensive service plan so you will always be taken care of. This is especially convenient for those who find transportation difficult. Being mobile lowers our overhead costs. That means you save money. We are able to provide the largest selection, excellent pricing and convenience!

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